DHA Rental Assessment – Market Review

DHA Rental Assessment – Market Review

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is one of the largest property management options for residential properties Australia-wide, offering housing choices to all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

Property owners are able to have their property rented out through the DHA system which offers many assurances with regards to rental income and guaranteed return. Each year on December 31st, DHA engages their own valuers to provide reviews on all their rental contracts, and as such, property owners are also entitled to receive their own independent valuation report from a certified practicing valuer registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) to ensure fair market rent is being paid for their property.

In terms of process, the valuer will physically inspect the property, then employ their expert knowledge to compare other rental properties from the area on a like for like basis, including factors such as land and house size, construction, condition, proximity to local amenities, fixtures and features, and position, to determine the fair market rent. This is called the direct comparison approach and is the endorsed approach of the API.

It is important when embarking on the secondary review process to engage the services of an experienced expert property valuer.

At Blanco Property Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a quality service and subsequent report whilst adhering to the strict time-constraints that the DHA Rent Review Assessments are subject to. All our valuers are Certified Practicing Valuers (CPV) registered under both the Australian Property Institute as well as the state. All our valuers and staff are well-versed in the DHA review process and have completed hundreds of these reports throughout the course of their collective and individual careers. We operate out of both Melbourne and Adelaide, including all regional areas, and can attend the inspection of a property within 1-2 days’ notice, with most reports taking 3-4 business days to complete.

As property is one of the largest assets you can have, it is important to ensure the numbers stack up fairly and complete property financial health checks on a regular basis. Blanco Property Group is available and able to service all your property investment requirements and can do so in an efficient and independent manner, including making sure your DHA investment property is performing to the level it should.

To receive an unbiased Rental Assessment / Market Review Valuation for your DHA (Defence Housing Australia) investment property. Contact us today to discuss how our experienced Valuers can help with your requirements.

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