How Property Valuation Services are Saving Hundreds of Family Disputes?

How Property Valuation Services are Saving Hundreds of Family Disputes?

Marriage and relationship breakdowns are always tricky to circumvent. And when a property settlement is thrown into the mix, the challenges can increase ten-fold.

Disagreements about asset division can be incredibly emotionally taxing for both parties. While many ex-couples will try to reach an agreement amicably, sometimes, this just isn’t possible.

Thankfully, a professional property valuer can help. Through mediation valuations, Adelaide homeowners can avoid the Family Court entirely, while a certified valuer can provide expert evidence to the Court if the situation progresses further.

Read on to learn more about how valuers can help resolve property disputes.

What causes family law disputes?

Property disputes arise when two parties cannot agree about dividing their assets during the property settlement process. These disputes may occur when married or de facto couples separate.

The two parties may disagree on a range of factors, including:

  • How to divide their assets
  • The property’s value
  • The choice of property valuer

For example, a dispute could arise because one party believes they would benefit less from a property settlement than the other. When these issues occur, a Family Law Valuation is the solution.

Valuers can simplify or help families avoid the Family Court process

When a married or de facto couple separate, the Family Court will decide how to divide their assets by following The Family Law Act 1975. The Court will consider several factors when working through a property dispute, including each party’s future requirements, non-financial contributions, and financial contributions.

Before the property settlement begins, both parties will usually need to identify their respective assets’ worth. To divide these assets fairly, the Court will require a property valuation.

Usually, if both parties agree on their property’s value, the Family Court will accept the agreed-upon figure. Both parties will generally come to an agreement by looking at selling prices for similar houses in the area. They may also consult with a real estate agent to gain a general idea of the property’s value.

If both parties are struggling to come to an agreement, a mediation valuation can help. The comprehensive, accurate, independent house valuations prepared by Blanco Property Group can settle disagreements and help each party avoid Family Court entirely.

If the two parties cannot agree upon the property’s value, they can also appoint a professional valuer to provide a formal valuation. Adelaide property valuers will need to present the sworn valuation to the Family Court as an affidavit.

Valuers provide an unbiased view of the situation

When assessing your property, an independent valuer will offer an objective view of its value. Our chosen valuer(s) will not have any contingent interest in the property of your assets, meaning they can provide an unbiased, accurate assessment.

A professional valuer will also not have any emotional attachment to or interest in either party. The valuer’s accurate, impersonal assessment of your property will allow you to divide your assets equitably without questioning the valuation’s legitimacy.

If you are struggling to come to an agreement following your separation, a mediation or family law court valuation can offer an unbiased view you need to reach a fair result. Family law court valuations Adelaide-wide are helping homeowners quickly resolve matrimonial matters.

Valuers understand the challenges involved with property disputes

A professional valuer certified with the Australian Property Insitute (API) will likely have years of experience with family law court valuation disputes. Our certified valuers will recognise the situation’s sensitive nature and respond with integrity, honesty, and respect.

Similarly, our valuers have a keen understanding of the Family Law Court process and strictly follow all regulations and requirements involved with court proceedings.

How to arrange an independent valuation

If you’re going through the separation process and would like assistance settling your dispute, the Adelaide property valuers at Blanco Property Group can help. Call us today to discuss your needs with our friendly team of professionals.

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