Insurance Valuations

Insurance Valuations work to determine the amount your property should be insured for. In the unfortunate event of loss or damage it is critical that your asset is adequately insured.

Your property’s insurance value is determined on the basis of replacement cost which is an estimated cost to rebuild or repair the same asset with similar quality materials and craftmanship as previously existed to the loss occurring. The reinstatement of a ‘as new’ building also factors in demolition costs and removal of debris, professional fees, contingencies and cost escalations. As prices to build and repair increase, it is important that your insurance is revised accordingly.

The team at Blanco Property Group conduct insurance valuations for residential, commercial, industrial, Strata / Community Corporations, heritage buildings and specialised purpose-built assets.

Our expert Valuers will happily discuss your insurance valuation needs with you to ensure you are protected in an unlikely event. Call Blanco Property Group today for assistance in Adelaide or Melbourne.

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