Pre-Purchase Valuations

It is a real estate agent’s job to get the best price for the seller. So, who is there to look out for the prospective buyer? Before you make an offer to purchase a property, you should first have it professionally valued.

By choosing an independent Valuer at Blanco Property Group, you will receive a clear, detailed Pre-Purchase Valuation report based on fully vetted sales evidence from the latest market conditions. By completing a thorough inspection of the property, we will be able to advise you of its true current market value based on location, size, quality, and comparable sales evidence in the area.

Before entering a sale negotiation, you should engage Blanco Property Group to complete a comprehensive inspection and Pre-Purchase valuation report to ensure you have peace of mind that you are not paying more than you have to.

Pre-Sale Valuations

If you are thinking of selling your property, a Pre-Sale Valuation is absolutely essential. Where real estate agents offer free market appraisals, they are predominately focused on making a hefty commission, competing for your listing amongst marketing and advertising services and lastly identifying what value can potentially be achieved for your property. This is where valuers are different. By engaging an independent Valuer at Blanco Property Group, our sole purpose is to provide you with an accurate and objective sale price based not only on comparable sales evidence but influences in potentially specialised sub-markets within your suburb.

Blanco Property Group conduct Pre-Sale Valuations for residential, commercial, industrial, retail, prestige residential, rural and mixed-use properties.

Following an inspection of your premises, we will compile a comprehensive report of our findings, while comparing your property to similar verified openly transacted properties in your area. We can also provide specialised tailored advice including areas of your property that require attention which may assist in improving the property’s marketability to ensure your return is maximised.

Before you call upon an agent who has a vested interest in your property, contact an independent Valuer at Blanco Property Group to provide you peace of mind that you have made a fully informed decision. We will provide you with a Pre-Sale Valuation that is honest, accurate, and backed by evidence.

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