Deceased Estate / Probate Valuations

A Deceased Estate or Probate Valuation, can be the first step to assist during the settlement process providing an executor or trustees of a will with a level of legal protection. A properly compiled and comprehensive valuation report can effectively be used as evidence that the executor or trustees have dealt with the property in a fair and responsible manner. This can be particularly important to ensure all beneficiaries are fairly compensated and that there are no claims of any disputes which may arise in the future.

Where property is an asset listed on an estate in a will, it is important that it is professionally valued for several reasons. An experienced certified Valuer will assist to determine the pre-sale value of a property should you and/or other beneficiaries wish to place it on the market. Additionally, it can be used to define a fair and unbiased valuation to take place between a beneficiary who wishes to buy out other beneficiaries of the estate that wish to sell their share.

Blanco Property Group’s Probate Valuers will draw upon their experience and market evidence to confirm the current market value of the property as at the date of inspection or in most instances a retrospective value, which is backdated as at the date of the death. However, this needs to be confirmed by an independent advisor prior to undertaking the valuation.

Further, as trustworthy, independent and sworn registered Valuers, we are in some cases required to sign an affidavit to acknowledge that what we have provided in our report is true and correct. Thus, should your matter proceed to Family Court, we will willingly appear as an expert witness and endure cross examination if required.

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