Property Settlement Valuations

It is common for properties to be owned by more than one person. Whether a home has been purchased as part of a marriage, or there are several beneficiaries from a deceased estate; when joint property owners or beneficiaries’ personal situations change, a Property Settlement can occur.

Property’s may be sold internally between family members, or put onto the open market. Regardless of the type of sale, it is integral that you get a Property Valuation completed by a licensed valuer. This provides owners with complete transparency in regards to what they are entitled to, and can also help to resolve disputes, or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Many share buy-outs can unfairly affect one party, with pressure placed upon them to sell part or all of their share. This can often result in an unfairly transacted property that is substantially less than the actual market value.

Our Property Valuation reports provide a true and accurate representation of the value of a property based on market evidence. As sworn, independent and licensed valuers, we provide reports that are unbiased, with your property’s value determined by variables such as land and house size, the condition of the property, quality of fixtures and fittings as well as comparable properties that have sold in the area.

Blanco Property Group are here to provide an impartial valuation report for all parties involved to ensure a fair Property Settlement is reached. Based in Adelaide & Melbourne, we will advise of the property’s true current market value before negotiations take place.

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