Retrospective Valuations

Retrospective or ‘backdated’ valuations provide a true representation of a property’s worth from anywhere from a few weeks, to a several decades before. These kinds of valuations can be used for a range of reasons, with some of the most common including for:

Our retrospective valuations are carried out much the same as current market valuations, with a thorough inspection of the property completed where access is possible. We will then devise a comprehensive report outlining our findings, and compare the value of your property with those of similar properties in the area from the time the valuation is backdated to.

Current Market Valuations

As the name suggests, a property’s current market valuation is the amount it would be worth if it was to sell on the open market today. There are many situations why someone might want to undertake a current market valuation, with some including:

  • For family law settlements
  • Prior to purchasing property to determine its value
  • Prior to selling property to determine the asking or reserve price
  • Following a marriage breakdown or separation
  • To determine the worth of a deceased estate

Having a current market valuation carried out by an independent Valuer will ensure an unbiased figure is produced based on market evidence. Blanco Property Group will offer a comprehensive report that outlines the property’s worth based on a thorough inspection and comparison between similar properties in the area.

With property prices changing so quickly, it is important that you seek the advice and services of an independent property Valuer to give you the best chance of achieving a fair outcome.

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