Unit Entitlement Valuations

Unit Entitlements are allocated when a plan is first registered following the development of a property. They determine ownership proportions between Lot holders and the share of common property and other assets within a unit development. Where they were once up to the developer or surveyor to determine, a qualified Valuer must now be enlisted to ensure it aligns with current market values.

Each portioned lot is used to determine government rates and other charges like land tax. It also helps identify the body corporate contributions and voting rights of property owners who have stakes in Strata or Community Title development.

Unit Entitlements can be allocated for new Community or existing Strata developments. If you feel the original entitlements were unfairly written, or circumstances have changed which you believe warrants an amendment, Blanco Property Group can help.

Contact Blanco Property Group today to determine portioned Unit Entitlements of your development plan for all residential, commercial, industrial or mixed-use asset classes.

Our qualified and experienced team of Valuers are available to assist all property owners, developers, surveyors or conveyancers in Adelaide and Melbourne.

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